The Best Weapon Against a Violent HOME INVASION

The Best Weapon Against a Violent HOME INVASION

The Best Weapon Against a Violent HOME INVASION +

3 Practical Tips Against Brutal Home Invasion Attacks

It’s always a hotly debated topic…

     “Which weapon is best for stopping a violent home invader
before he can lay a finger on you or your loved ones?”

A Glock 19?  A Remington 870 shotgun?  A Mossberg Chainsaw Shotgun?

Here’s the irrefutable truth…

The best weapon for home defense is the one you can get to… and USE tactically!

This actually presents two separate problems for you.

You see, home invasions are unlike any other crime you could face.

They’re premeditated… they’re vicious… and they happen in a split-second explosion when you least expect it, in what you most likely consider your “safest” place – your own home.

That means that the element of surprise is almost always on the side of your attackers.

One minute you’re answering your doorbell – the next you’re laying on your back as 2 meth-addict felons beat you down and head toward your terrified screaming wife and kids to shut them up.

At this point, your weapon really doesn’t matter… if you can’t get to it.

Yet most people try to deceive you into thinking that since you “own” a gun, you’ll have the ability to use it without a hitch when someone invades your home.

But I know YOU know better than that, right?

So here are 3 no non-sense tips you need to keep in mind…

1.  Get to a weapon…ANY WEAPON!

You can bet that your attackers are going to be armed.

Any time you can even the odds with a “force multiplier”, your chances of survival can significantly increase.

If that’s the Glock strapped to your ankle, excellent.

But most people don’t have a gun on them all the time, and you could easily be disarmed by your intruders if they get the drop on you.

If that’s the case, the T.V. remote control in your hand… the picture frame next to the couch… or the pen in your front pocket can function as your “back up” weapon.

2.  Attack viciously and as quickly as possible.

Then, get hold of a “more aggressive” weapon you can use to defend yourself.

For example…

* Use your pen to stab your attacker and gain some space…

* Use that space to gain access to a pistol…

* Use your pistol to escape or retreat back to a shotgun
located in your “saferoom”…

You get my meaning, right?

But now we come to your second “weapon obstacle”…

3.  You have to be able to shoot tactically within your home.

Look, “owning” a gun does NOT make you prepared.

Knowing how to USE your gun… under stress… in close quarters… during the shock & awe of a violent home invasion…

…THAT is what helps you prepare!

It’s a massively different skill-set than what you use to punch holes in paper targets down at the range.

Most gun owners aren’t prepared for this type of close quarters shooting.

That’s why the folks at the ISCQC created a complete “home invasion survival program” that will hand you a ton of sneaky tactics that you can use for survival, as well as learning how to shoot tactically in your home.

It’s called “Home Defense Tactics” and you can check it out at:

    Home Defense Tactics <= Home Invasion Survival!

And this week only, if you sign up for the HDT program, you’ll also get a complete bonus program, “Close Combat Shooting” (a $47 value) free.

Just scroll down their page for all the details on what you get.

Just be sure to take advantage of this offer before it expires, ok? Because free bonuses are always good …especially when they give you valuable life-saving info.



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